Red Scarf Enterprises, LLC

Aviation Services and Consultation

Red Scarf Enterprises, LLC provides Aviation Services and Consultation for special aviation needs. Our mission is to be an enduring company by providing safe, reliable, and affordable aviation solutions that are an essential part of our customers’ needs. We have had contracts as a Sales Representative for Flight Design Aircraft, conducted multiple UAS support operations, and aircraft ferry services nationwide. We are also engaged regionally with aviation legislation from the Governor, U.S. Delegation members, and local governments level. Working with a non-profit business league, we have conducted numerous community awareness events speaking to thousands of community members about the importance of aviation in their community.

The company is named for the distinct Red Scarf worn by all the aircrew during the time with the mighty MH-53J/M PaveLow Special Operations Helicopter. The helicopter has since been retired, but the "Red Scarf" lives on with some of our staff being former members of the Pave Low Community.

Things We Can Do

- UAS Support
- Aviation Consultation
- Legislative Consultation
- Aircraft Ferry Service
- Aircraft Sales

A Few Accomplishments

- Multiple UAS Support missions across the U.S.A.
- Numerous public policy consultations with State Legislators
- Active in Aviation Industry development in Colorado
- Multiple Successful Aircraft Ferry Service
- Aircraft Sales